Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Racks

With the new shelter up for the canoes I needed to make a rack of some sort to keep them together, consolidated so to speak.  I had them on sawhorses but I need those for other tasks and they took up to much space by being spaced in an awkward pattern.  It was time and today was the day to make it happen.  I had gotten an email from Mr. McCrea with pictures of one he came up with and it seemed the best way to go.  Basically jumbo sawhorses!

I went through all the junk wood I had and it turned out to be a blessing as I needed to get rid of the stuff and it all was about the size and length I needed.  This rack did not need to be pretty, just functional.

Old Sawhorses that were failing
I had my boats on old sawhorses that had seen too many years and were wobbly and weak.  The screws holding them in were rusted and a couple were broken right off.  The time was right.

Rough Cut

I took some rough cut 2 x 8's and ripped them down to where I needed them.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the process but cutting wood is cutting wood.  In the end I wound up with two 4 foot high sawhorses with a lower layer for canoes.  The lengths came out to be about 74" long by 4 feet high.  I opted for gussests intstead of cutting angles pieces between the legs, the last one I cut was so far off I wanted to throw it into the field.

Plywood Gussets
 Simple and can be used down the road for working under a canoe because of their height.  Gotta love the fact that they have more than one use!  Also I used up a lot of lumber I didn't want and kept moving around from place to place.  Any left over is now kindling wood for the woodstove!

OT Disco, MR Malecite, MR Courier, MR Eclipse

So now all my boats are off the ground, easy to get at for work as they all need a little attention, and I have a good deal of room for other the shed.  Plus I get all of my other saw horses back cause you know those things are always needed for some project or another. 

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